Private: Payment Requests (PRs)

Fill out and submit the relevant Payment Request below:
The first one is for Campaign Managers; the second one is for Communication Specialists;  the third one is for Representatives only submitting files, and the fourth one is for miscellaneous services rendered.

1- PR for Campaign Managers

2- PR for Communication Specialists

3- PR for Representatives

4- PR for Miscellaneous Services

CLFW's Projects:

- Registration in Lebanon
Objective: Help all Americans of Lebanese descent, free of charge, to register in Lebanon and obtain their Lebanese citizenship in order to maintain the confessional and cultural diversity in the country
(Endeavor of CLFW, the Maronite Eparchies -- Project Roots, and all the other Lebanese Churches in the USA).
- Lebanese Citizenship Petition

Petition for All Lebanese to sign if:
- they WANT their Lebanese citizenship, they WANT to register in Lebanon because they care, because it is their right;
- they believe that ALL people of Lebanese descent around the world should be able to obtain the Lebanese citizenship that is their birth right.
- Educational Trips to Lebanon
Objective: Improve the image of Lebanon in the youth of Lebanese immigrants' minds in order to incite pride in their Lebanese roots, encourage them to register in Lebanon, and motivate them to encourage their friends and relatives to register.