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Regional Coordinator for Florida, Mrs. Nathalie Maroun


To CLFW/Project Roots team,
I just wanted to congratulate you on having Nathalie Maroun here in Florida representing you. I have a son who is now 16 years old and a daughter who is 11 years old. 

When my son was born, as we were new here in the USA, my husband and I rushed to register him as a Lebanese; but since my daughter was born, the years passed by and we never got around to go through the process until I met Nathalie who I would like to thank for her great commitment to CLFW/Project Roots and who, through her, my daughter now is registered in Lebanon. 

Nathalie showed us the importance of our Lebanese heritage and how important it is to have our children registered.  She only asked me for two documents and after that she took it upon herself to work with the Lebanese Embassy; but she kept me posted on a regular basis throughout the process. 
Nathalie made this registration an easy process for me and my family as well as other parishioners. She has been so dedicated and committed and she is a very pleasant person to work with. 
May God bless her and her hard work as she continues to help serve these families in our Lebanese community.  
Thanks again, Nathalie! 
Sincerely yours, 
Mona Stephan
Mobile (813)385-6355 
December 16, 2014

Regional Coordinator for Florida, Mrs. Nathalie Maroun:
As Lebanese people living abroad, we are very fortunate and proud to have the CLFW/Project Roots program.
I would warmly like to thank Mrs. Nathalie Maroun who registered my daughter in Lebanon.
She facilitated it to the maximum! As I can see, she is constantly searching for Lebanese people to make sure that they and their kids are registered in Lebanon.
She is definitely a hard worker coordinator who, with her enthusiasm, can certainly aid more Lebanese people to be registered in their mother nation.
We all do appreciate her outstanding efforts here in Tampa, Florida.
Claude Wehbe
January 17, 2014

Regional Coordinator for Washington, DC, Mrs. Josephine Sfeir Bassil

I have two kids, one 7 and the other 5, both born in Washington DC. Since both kids were born I have wanted to register them as “Lebanese,” yet I was not sure about the process or how lengthy it may be or how much work it involved… So the years passed until a family friend got me in touch with Josephine Sfeir Bassil, CLFW/PROJECT ROOTS’ Regional Coordinator for the DC Region.

Josephine got me to complete, by email, two simple applications, and she took it upon herself to work with the Lebanese embassy in Australia since my husband and I got married there.

She kept me updated from the start on the steps she was taking, forever patient and always replying to any questions raised.

Had it not been for Josephine, both of my kids would have, to date, not been registered as Lebanese.

Thank you so much for all the work you have done, Josephine!

Dr Antoine & Mrs Hayat Doumit
May 11, 2013


“Project Roots” is a great program. It is the only program that I know of, which connects us to our homeland, family, culture, and heritage in a concrete and practical way. It offers you a unique opportunity to share your success, opinions, and more importantly your future with your motherland, Lebanon, “the Cradle of Civilization”. It also shortens the distances and strengthens the bonds between you and your “roots”.

All the above and much more benefits are being possible through the hard work, dedication and sacrifices of its directors and regional coordinators, especially Mrs. Josephine Sfeir Bassil, whom I know personally. She has done, and is still doing, an amazing job for the success of this project. Her tireless effort to actively promote the project in the DC region makes her an important asset to this program.

Fr. Elie Estephan

Saints Peter & Paul Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church

10620 River Road Potomac, MD 20854

Tel: 301.765.9188


May 22, 2013

Regional Coordinator for Ohio, Mr. Najib (Nano) Rached

I would like to express my gratitude and statement of the hard work, dedication, and effort that Najib (Nano) Rached, CLFW/Project Roots' Regional Coordinator for Cleveland, OH, in registering Lebanese Americans in his region, helping them to obtain their Lebanese citizenship. I am a Maronite Catholic priest and I was the associate pastor for St. Maron's Maronite Church in Cleveland, OH from August 2010 until March 2013. I was able to work hand in hand with Najib and also was able to observe him in his work. He was always diligent in his work in registering Lebanese as Lebanese citizens, which includes my younger brother. I referred many people to him while I was in Cleveland so as to help them to register and the feedback I received from those Najib helped was always positive and that he was professional and worked in a prompt manner. I thank Najib for his service to the Lebanese community and with Project Roots in helping to register many Lebanese Americans as Lebanese citizens.

Fr. Tony Massad, Pastor

Saint Rafka Maronite Catholic Mission

Livonia, Michigan

Tel: (810) 620-7882

May 22, 2013


Mr. Najib Rached, also known as Nano, has done a marvelous job registering my family in Lebanon, and getting citizenships for all four of my kids, via CLFW/Project Roots. He came in person to our house and collected all the papers needed. On top of that, he kept us posted on a regular basis to tell us where we were in the process.
He showed so much enthusiasm towards the project.
He is a great person to work with. We wish him and CLFW/Project Roots the very best on their mission.
Katia Abboud 

May 24, 2013

Testimonial for Najib (Nano) Rached

By Souheil Farah


Tel: 440-503-2517

May 23, 2013

CLFW's Projects:
- Registration in Lebanon
Objective: Help all Americans of Lebanese descent, free of charge, to register in Lebanon and obtain their Lebanese citizenship in order to maintain the confessional and cultural diversity in the country
(Endeavor of CLFW, the Maronite Eparchies, and all the other Lebanese Churches in the USA).
Lebanese Citizenship Petition
Petition for All Lebanese to sign if:
- they WANT their Lebanese citizenship, they WANT to register in Lebanon because they care, because it is their right;
- they believe that ALL people of Lebanese descent around the world should be able to obtain the Lebanese citizenship that is their birth right.
- Educational Trips to Lebanon
Objective: Improve the image of Lebanon in the youth of Lebanese immigrants' minds in order to incite pride in their Lebanese roots, encourage them to register in Lebanon, and motivate them to encourage their friends and relatives to register.