CLFW's & Project Roots' Yearly Mother's Day Lottery


Congratulations to this year's winners of the free tickets to Lebanon!
Toufic Michel Khairallah, PA
Michael Matly, CA.
Initially, a person other than Michael Matly was selected. However, since we haven't been able to reach him for quite a few days (when we call him we receive the message "unreachable"), we randomly selected one of the people who submitted a testimonial on the Lottery page on Facebook. Congratulations, Michael Matly, and thank you to all those who did submit a testimonial!

Michael Matly Roula Jamhouri, Michael Matly, Father John Nahal.
  • Michael Matly Roula Jamhouri, Michael Matly, Father John Nahal.
  • Roula Jamhouri and Michael Matly Michael Matly receiving his free ticket from Roula Jamhouri, CLFW's Regional Coordinator for California- June 7, 2015

Every year, on Mother's Day in the US, CLFW/Project Roots selects two people to win FREE Tickets to Lebanon among those who successfully registered their marriages and child births in Lebanon through us during the past year. This year, the selection will take place during our Committee Meeting with Mr. Neemat Frem (CLFW's Vice-President) and all the members of our support committees on May 9, 2015.

If you live in the USA, have registered your marriage and/or birth in Lebanon through one of CLFW's/Project Roots' Coordinators, Campaign Managers, or Representatives, we invite you to click on the button below to join our VIRTUAL event on Facebook and write a few words on its page about your experience to increase your chances of winning the free ticket(s).

We also invite all the people who support our cause to join the VIRTUAL event and help us spread the word about it to encourage their friends and relatives living outside Lebanon to register in their country of origin and tie their roots to their present and future!

This Year's Winners:
May 2015: Toufic Michel Khairallah (PA) & Michael Matly (CA)

Previous Winners:

May 2014: Michael Chebat (VA) & Charles Haddad (FL)
May 2013: Charbel Nemer (OH) & George Korio (CA)

Free Ticket- Neemat Frem - Michael Chebat2
Free Ticket- Neemat Frem - Michael Chebat2

Michael Chebat (May 2014 winner) receiving his free ticket from
Mr. Neemat Frem, Vice President of CLFW.