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"The Lebanese American Club of Michigan (LACOM) was proud to award the Christian Lebanese Foundation in the World (CLFW) and Project Roots the 2014 Trailblazer Award. The award was accepted, on behalf of President Michel Edde, Vice-President Neemat Frem and all CLFW's Board and Committee Members, by the Director of CLFW and Project Roots, Mrs. Nada Abisamra, and one of the regional coordinators, Mr. Najib Rached. We were also honored to welcome the Most Reverend A. Elias Zaidan, who delivered keynote remarks"
-- LACOM, November 22, 2014.

Thank you to all the Board Members of LACOM, especially to its President, Dr. Wissam Shaya!
Thank you, Bishop Elias Zaidan, Chorbishop Alfred Badawi, Archpriest George Shalhoub, Father Michel Chebli, Father Tony Massad, and all the other reverend priests who joined us, for honoring us with your presence!

Click here to read the Article by Fadia Samaan/Jabalna Magazine.


"We have a duty to promote moderation against fundamentalism, to promote conviviality among all the constituents of Lebanon. We believe that Lebanon is a melting pot for the Middle East where people can live in harmony..."
-- Neemat Frem, CLFW's Press Conference- March 2014

Interviewed by Ms. Rola Safa on "I Witness"- MTV

Thank you, MTV, Mr. Michel El Murr, Mr. Samer El Gharib, Mr. Elie Ahwach, and Ms. Rola Safa for your great support!

Interviewed by Mr. Elie Hawchan on "Yowm Jdid"- OTV

Thank you,OTV, Mr. Roy El Hachem, Mr. Chadi El Hachem, Mrs. Randa El Murr, Ms. Sandra Bassil, and Mr. Elie Hawchan for your great support!

Interviewed by Mrs. Zeina Massoud Kerellos on "Khabberna"- Charity TV.

Thank you, Charity TV, Father Jean Khalife, Mr. William Srour, and Dr. Zalfa Abi Samra for your great support!
Thank you, Mrs. Zeina Massoud Kerellos, for your great preparation!

Interview on OTV about the Christian Lebanese Foundation in the World (CLFW)-- USA.
Thank you, Mr. Neemat Frem, Vice-President of CLFW, for your valuable support for the whole US team over the phone, during the interview, and at all time!
August 17, 2014

Thank you, Roy Hachem, Chadi El-Hachem, Randa El-Murr, Yom Jdid, and OTV
for your great support for CLFW and registration in Lebanon!!

All about CLFW and Project Roots! Hoping to reach as many people of Lebanese descent as possible and motivate them to register THEIR VITAL LIFE EVENTS IN LEBANON!
Our registration journey is at its beginning and we will NOT give up!
Each one of you can help by encouraging ALL your relatives and friends abroad to register and join this cause!
Aug. 21, 2014

Thank you again, Roy Hachem, Chadi El-Hachem, Randa El-Murr, Yom Jdid, and OTV!

Thank you, Father Jean Khalife, Father Jean Akiki, William Srour,
Oummi AlKanissa, and Charity TV!

Thank you, Philippe AbouZeid, Marcel Ghanem, Kalam Ennas, and LBC!

Thank you, Dr. Zalfa AbiNassif, Monsignor Nabih El Ters, Al Ittijah Assa7i7 Team,
and Charity TV!
For the full episode, click here.

Thank you, NOLAA, Pierre Chelala, Anthony Asher, and Noel Salwan, for this video about CLFW!

Check the live interview below about CLFW, Project Roots, the Lebanese Citizenship Petition, and the Maronite Academy.
It aired on ART America TV on December 20, 2013.
Interviewed by Rita Zihenni.
(Click here for the full interview)

Thank you, Rita Zihenni, The Bridge, and ART America!



Thank you, Minister Gebran Bassil and Consul General Bilal Kabalan, for
your great support!



Josephine Sfeir Bassil, Consul General Bilal Kabalan, Nada Salem Abisamra, Najib Rached

Reception at Consul General Ibrahim's Residence

Thank you, Consul General Johnny Ibrahim, for your great support!

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الراعي أمام وفد الأكاديمية المارونية: سنعمم على أساقفة الانتشار دعم جهود تسجيل المتحدرين

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نعمة فرام لجبلنا ماغازين: قانون استعادة الجنسية للمغتربين سيُطرح إذا عُقدت جلسة تشريعية

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CLFW to give out free tickets to Lebanon

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نعمت افرام: إستعادة الجنسية للمغتربين تصطدم بالقوانين اللبنانية القديمة
انطلاقة أعمال المؤسسة اللبنانية المسيحية في العالم
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